Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November Goals

Happy Day After Halloween!

After the mess that was my health in September and October, I didn't create any goals last month. It was nice to just relax and take everything day-by-day. I seemed to be busy all of the time so I'm grateful I don't have any goals to look back on and feel guilty for not completing. However, I've been thinking about November for a while. We're about to get into the ugly weather between colourful, crisp fall and white, festive winter. The cold, sometimes slushy, biting rain of November has already started and I just want to take refuge under my covers.

Get Outside

As I mentioned, November weather just makes me want to hide away under a heavy blanket and that's the last thing I need both physically and mentally. I really want to do some hiking, running, and even some ordinary walks with my dog (I tend to get lazy since we have a big yard).


I still have eight weeks until training starts for my March race and I really want to work on getting stronger. When I strength train my runs because easier with a tighter core and stronger legs, and (a completely vapid reason, I know) my body looks less "soft." 


My body seems to be stressing out lately. My skin is breaking out like crazy and I'm constantly unmotivated. I need to incorporate yoga back into my routine so I'm aiming to go to one class a week and do smaller practices at home. I also need to cut back on the sugar and keep working on my newest habit - turning the TV off before I fall asleep. 

What are you goals for November? 
Do you hate November as much as I do?