Monday, November 4, 2013

This week's eats

It's only the beginning of November and the winter blues have got me feeling down. I'm lethargic, lazy, and have no desire to do much else but binge-watch the entire Bones series. I also have to admit that I could not stop myself from diving into the multiple boxes of Halloween chocolate I had around my house. However, some good things came from my laziness. 

The first is my new found love for baked eggs. So simple! I've seen mini-quiche recipes all around Pinterest and found a few usable ingredients. Baby spinach, goat cheese, and an egg, baked at 350 degrees until I was satisfied with how they looked. Simple, clean, and perfect for feeling lazy.

The next was my extremely simple snack. I mean, this is does not even warrant a recipe. Steamed broccoli and goat cheese. Clearly I'm on a goat cheese kick. I devoured a whole head of broccoli and it made me feel better to get something fairly clean and green into my system while I sat among a scattering of chocolate bar wrappers.

However, when I decided not to be lazy, I did bake this absolutely delicious pumpkin bread (recipe found here). Instead of sour cream I used Greek yogurt, which I prefer to switch in most recipes I find. I also devoured most of two loaves while my boyfriend fell in love with the very simple, whipped cinnamon-sugar butter.

Now I'm trying to stay away from the sugary treats and eat a little cleaner. Hopefully cleaning up my eating will fix my lethargy. 

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