Sunday, July 5, 2015

Humidity Woes & Breakfast Salad

Surprisingly back in the winter I was much more dedicated to working out than I am now.  I was getting up early before work, I was doing really well with staying away from all those things I’m constantly trying to cut from my diet now, and I was getting tons of sleep. Needless to say I have not been as dedicated lately, but I did get out for another easy trail run this week.

It was so humid so it looks like I worked much harder than I did. Seriously, all of that sweat came from four easy kilometers.

Of course this guy joined me again.

I don’t know if he’s sad or that he knows I’m feeling down lately, but I’m loving all the puppy cuddles that have been happening.

Also, apparently "breakfast salad" is a thing and I love the concept. All week I’ve been creating my own. It’s pretty plain but I’ve been obsessed with topping raw baby spinach and turkey bacon with two eggs. So amazingly simple but satisfying. 

Can I proclaim once more than I am awful at blogging? I took my boyfriend, Michael, and our dog with me on a hike yesterday and I didn't take any pictures until right at the end when we were cooling off in the water. 

I really want to try this hiking trail again. We hiked less than 7 kilometers but it was so tough! Maybe when it's less humid we'll try hiking further in.

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