Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hello, October (I'm Back)

Hello, October.

After a long hiatus I’m back. After struggling horribly with my depression and finding a lack of motivation and inspiration because of it, I’ve started to take a long look at how I’m living my life.

The short story is that I need to do things and write about things that make me happy and I enjoy, and all of the things that define who I truly am.

I’ve started volunteering more, I’ve started adding in runs where I don’t track time, distance, or speed, and I’ve started opening up my eyes and my mind to things I never considered trying before. Hey, I even agreed to go camping (IN A TENT) this summer - something I swore to my boyfriend I would never do.

I think my blog is going to be moving in another direction, one that feels more natural and personal. I’ve laid out a few goals for myself this month to match these changes I’m going through:

  • go hiking at least twice
  • be more mindful, make more time to journal
  • work on my spending/saving habits
  • do something nice for someone else

What are you looking forward to in October? 

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