Friday, December 2, 2016

December Goals

Like everyone else, I'm utterly shocked we've already made it to December. It felt weird to open up my advent calendar this morning (a new tea each day? Yes, please!) and watch my co-worker write, "24 Days Until Christmas" on our whiteboard.

Weirder than it being December, is that it's December and still six degrees. I get to keep wearing my cute fall, jacket and walk around in non-salt stained boots for a little longer.

Anyway, here are my goals for the last month of the year:

1.) Make a kick-ass Christmas dinner.
I've volunteered to make Christmas dinner for 10-12 people this year so my mom can relax. I'm a good cook but it'll be my first time making a turkey and having to time a meal this big. I've already started sketching out my plans so hopefully I'll be prepared on the big day.

2.) Make time for me.
December is going to be hectic. I have at least three Christmas parties and two Christmas dinners I can think of, plus picking up final presents, getting groceries for Christmas dinner, a beer tasting event with Michael, and a play with some girlfriends. I'm not going to feel guilty if I want to snuggle up with some hot chocolate and a holiday movie, or run three kilometers instead of five. I'm going to do what feels right and try to focus on how I feel mentally because this can be a tough time of year for struggling with depression.

My winter aesthetic: old lady - oversize sweaters and tapestry scarves
3.) Write out my training plan.
My next training cycle officially starts on Christmas Day so while I'm going to take December easy, I want to be prepared to run a strong, happy half-marathon in the new year.

4.) Do some Christmas baking.
I'm finalizing my list of Christmas cookies, need to write out an ingredient list, and pick up some cookie boxes so I can bake my face off and then deliver goodies to all of my favourite people.

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