Thursday, September 8, 2016

Getting Rear-Ended AKA My Recent Excuse for Skipping the Gym

I had the most wonderful long weekend. Michael works a lot of hours so we finally got to spend a large chunk of time together. We barbequed, watched the entire second of Scream, ate 1.25 pies, and even took a road trip to pick up a beer being released for my favourite brewery's - Sawdust City - birthday. AND I fit in an 18K training run.

I thought I was setting myself up for a happy, short week but that came crashing down Tuesday afternoon when I was rear-ended. The details of what happened are not as important as that I've learned a lot about people, my insurance company found me not-at-fault so it won't cost me anything, and that even though things don't cost money you can still stress and spend a lot of time doing things which is almost just as aggravating.

My experience with my insurance company was luckily very positive. After taking all the details they assured me that my deductible is waved, my insurance costs won't go up, and that they take care of a lot of little details - they sent my information to a local shop and to a rental car company so both could expect me and will bill my insurance directly.

However, like I mentioned I still have to spend my time and energy organizing everything. A major accident happened yesterday on the highway and it down for a few hours. This affected me trying to get to the repair shop before it closed even though my boss let me leave early. I managed to make it there right when it was closing but thankfully the staff was extremely nice and spoke to me, took pictures of my vehicle, pulled off my bumper panel that had been hanging, and booked me an appointment to come in next week. I also had to contact the rental car company to let them know about the details of my appointment so they can get a car to me. All positive things - just time consuming.

I'm also a little sore. Nothing major - just a little muscle pain and headaches I'm dealing with. Plus the stress of the week is taking a lot out of me. The last two nights I've been in bed before 9PM and I'm sleeping until 6:30AM, the latest I get up for work. This week has me worried because I carefully constructed my outline to lead up to my next race, and now I'm less than a week and a half out and my schedule has been thrown upside down. Basically, I know I'll finish the race but I have zero confidence in what my time will look like. I'm trying to look on the bright side - all my costs for my car are taken care of, I'm safe, healthy, and relatively uninjured, and I still have a race planned for March that I can focus on if this one goes badly.

Life is funny.

Have you ever been in an accident? 
Any fall races on the agenda? 

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