Thursday, December 4, 2014

Early Mornings & Grumpy Nights

I'm forever setting my alarm at an early hour to get some exercise in before work, and today I finally did it! I rolled out of bed shortly after 5, and was at the gym right when it opened at 5:30. I had planned to eat something small before I left but I wasn't hungry in the slightest... weird! My hunger after the gym was another story.

I devoured a banana and a vegan breakfast burrito. I'm not going to lie, I promised myself that microwaveable burrito if I woke up for the gym. 

I was ready for a post-gym nap but I settled for an almond latte before work. 

I came home and was so grumpy. I didn't have a bad day, and I don't feel overly tired, so I'm just not sure why. I settled for some comforting food and yoga to bring me out of my funk. 

How do you fix a bad mood? 

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