Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Years Eve-Eve

I’ve never been a huge New Year’s resolution maker, but I always have goals. I, and I know many people agree, think that anytime is a great time to start a goal -- not just the first day of the year. Nevertheless, here is my list of a few goals I hope to achieve in 2015:

Improve my crow pose and headstand.

I would love to get deeper into my crow pose and stronger in my headstand. I’m excited that I’ve accomplished these two

Achieve forearm stand and a full king pigeon.

Forearm stand is my next inversion goal, just before I get ready for handstand and its variations. Just casually attempting it recently I’ve realized just how much core and arm strength I’m going to need to get myself into the pose. I’ve also been working on my king pigeon for a while. For this I need to continue to work on my backbends.

Try aerial yoga and SUP yoga at least once. Revisit hot yoga.

I love yoga but I’d like to try aerial yoga and SUP yoga each at least once to see if I will learn anything new, or if it could help my routine. It’s also hard to move out of my comfort zone so I think these two classes will be great challenges. I’m also going to aim to revisit bikram yoga a couple of times.

Finish a marathon.

I’ve been signed up for my first full marathon for two months now, but training is really going to ramp up after May when I participate in another half.

Run 2015 kilometers in 2015. Try a running streak.

I’d like a secondary running goal. For now I’m playing around with two ideas. While I’ve seen many people run 2014 miles for their year, I think kilometers is a goal that’s daunting enough for me. My other thought is to try a running streak and see how long I can last.

Continue to practice making healthy eating choices. Intuitively eat.

This year I’ve made a huge change with healthy eating. I’ve lost weight, I’ve been sick less, and mentally I feel more clear than I have the past few years. I really want to push to eliminate the occasional binge eating that I fall into, and focus on eating to nourish -- not because I’m bored.

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