Sunday, December 7, 2014

Meal Prep Crazy

I love meal prepping. Seriously. All week I brainstorm what I'm going to cook up for the following week. Usually I focus on a soup or a salad that I can eat for lunch, and dream up what I might snack on. 

This week I went a little crazy and meal-prepped my breakfast, lunch, AND dinner: 

My hours at work are picking up and lately I've had to stay a little later to get work finished. Taking the train makes my day even longer because sometimes I have to wait around for one to arrive. I'm trying really hard to keep my activity levels up this winter so any time I can spare, whether it means fitting in a workout before work or getting to the gym in the evening, is great .

There are so many things you can prepare ahead of time. For example, I eat a grapefruit almost every day for a morning snack. I don't want to make a mess trying to eat halves of juicy fruit at my desk so I peel the fruit from their skins on Sundays and they stay delicious all week. 

This week I made a huge pot of hearty minestrone soup for my lunch. I make so much soup that I usually have to put two portions in one larger container so save my containers for the rest of my food.

In the afternoon I usually snack on veggies and hummus. Each day I open up the fridge and take what I need.

As I mentioned, I also made breakfast and lunch for the week. I prepared some protein waffles that work great after a morning workout as well as on a quiet morning. I either throw them in the microwave or the toaster to warm them up, drizzle with honey, and pair with some fresh fruit.

For dinner I roasted up a variety of vegetables and divided them into containers. I also cooked up some brown rice and I'll probably add some form of protein.

Cantaloupe was also on the menu this week. My sweet tooth is threatening to get out of control so having some fruit that's easy to get to makes choosing healthy options a little easier. 

Do you go meal-prep crazy or do you make your meals each day?

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