Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rainy Running

You know you're desperate for a run when you race home from work and commuting, jump into your gear, and don't even contemplate using the cool, rainy weather as an excuse to skip speed training.

Although, maybe next time I should take a few mixtures to wash off my makeup before I go for a run in the rain.

I was so desperate to make time for my run that I held off on eating dinner. I was so hungry that I devoured the biggest plate of roasted veggies, brown rice, and my current Gardein obsession (this week it's Fishless Filets).

I want to get back out for an easy run tomorrow but my IT band is super tight even after stretching it and my hip flexors so I may have to settle for a walk, but that's okay. As much as I have a training plan in place I'm trying to be kind to myself so I can keep loving running.

What's your favourite post-run meal? With the cooler weather I'm loving anything warm!

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