Thursday, June 4, 2015

Deciding on Whole 30

As of Saturday I’m going to attempt the Whole 30 program. I’ve been reading about it for months and slowly pinning meal ideas on Pinterest in case I decided to take the plunge. This week I finally decided to try it out.

Whole 30 is a plan to “reset” your system. It’s supposed to help with inflammation and your metabolism, and uses many other words I truly don’t understand but hear tossed around all the time regarding nutrition. What I do know is that there is less of a focus on weight loss and a bigger focus on healing (without the word “detox”) and after reading the rules I figured it couldn’t hurt.

I finally decided to try out Whole 30 based on the following things:

  1. I’ve been sick for the last week and not just with one thing. If I can get my system back on track and work on my nutrition and build healthy habits to avoid this again it’s worth a short.
  2. I have no big events or milestones in the 30-day window I chose except for a baseball game. No birthdays, anniversaries, or anything else that will make me feel tempted to “cheat” on Whole 30.
  3. Free. Seriously, there are very few free plans out there. Whole 30 is literally a list of rules, they don’t provide you with a meal plan but the Whole 30 community is huge on Pinterest and a few other platforms to help me feel inspired when I’m running out of meal ideas.
  4. I have nothing to lose - maybe some weight from cutting out junk.
  5. I have always suffered from stomach issues which led to me going vegetarian for two years. This plan has the potential to help me figure out what could be causing these issues.

Things that made me resistant to trying Whole 30?

  1. I love junk food. I had to give myself a couple of days before the start to get myself into the right mindset. Giving up chocolate will be tough.
  2. I also love cheese and yogurt. Part of me knows it causes me to break out and makes me bloated but I’m a sucker for dairy.
  3. Baseball. The one event I do have planned is a baseball game on Canada Day. Do you know how hard it is going to be going to the ballpark and NOT eating a hot dog? Pretty damn hard!
  4. I’m wary of fad diets. I don’t know if this is counted as a diet and I’ve only heard good things about it… but I’m still a little wary.
  5. It’s a little more restrictive than I’d like to see. Like, I’m not allowed to eat beans, any grains including quinoa, and no peanut butter. NO PEANUT BUTTER! I might quit before I even begin…
Not my picture -- Thanks, Google Images

I’m interested in seeing how I feel at the end. As I said, I’ve only heard good things and know if I put the effort I will survive 30 days with no peanut butter.

Have you ever tried Whole 30 or any other “diet” (paleo, Tone It Up, etc)? How do you feel about these sorts of plans?

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