Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Resentfully Resting

I’m potentially taking the week off of exercising. My body is stressed and acting out, sending me signals that I need to take it easy… signals I’ve been ignoring.

With weird, light injuries I’ve never experienced before, a constant feeling of fatigue, and swollen, crusted lips that make me look like a clown, I’ve decided that I need to rest before something else happens.

I thought about running over the weekend because I knew the scenery would be so beautiful but I focused on starting this resting period instead by spending most of my time in a beach chair, devouring a book and a half. Yesterday I (purposely) missed my scheduled cycling and stair-climbing, today and tomorrow I deleted speed training and more cycling from my calendar, and I’m tempted to take a week off from my long run on Thursday. Maybe some walking or yoga will be allowed but I’m trying to remember that the point of resting is to rest.

How does your body tell you it’s time to rest? What does resting look like for you?

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