Saturday, August 16, 2014

Resting Continues

My rest week has spilled over to a second week. I think my body is reacting to the current stress I've been under. Between working, finding a new job for once this current contract ends, and the large amounts of exercising, my body was feeling off. It first started with a horrible blistering all over my lips that stabbed and crusted, then moved to three days of premature spotting (something that has never happened to me), and now I'm suffering from an awful sinus infection. 

Before the sinus infection kicked in, I spent Wednesday feeling off. I went for a walk and grabbed a green juice on my lunch, hoping to fight off whatever was going to happen next. 

By Friday the infection kicked in, and while my mom and my boyfriend ordered pizza for dinner, I just wanted juice. I made myself a citrus juice with oranges, grapefruit, lemon, peaches, and ginger.

Saturday night and I'm feeling awful. My sinus infection is in full force. I'm curled up in bed with the second season of Friends, lots of liquids, a bowl of berries, and a warm bean bag on my neck. 

I'm hoping this is the last thing that bothers me. Taking a break from running and cross training has been killing me, but I know it'll be better for me in the end. 

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