Friday, August 1, 2014

Training Log -- July 31

Weeks left until Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon: 11
Kilometers scheduled: 24
Kilometers clocked: 15

Despite coming in nine kilometres undert goal, I feel that this is the run that I grew as a runner. 

The entire run I just didn't feel right. I had downed a litre and a half of water much earlier than I ever have while running, and I was getting waves of the chills (it was 27 degrees outside, a very warm July day). I knew early on that I should cut it short, go home and rest.

So that I did.

Surprisingly, I don't regret cutting it short. My body clearly isn't feeling it this week and why should I force myself to finish and risk ruining running in future weeks? 

I'm headed up north on Saturday for a couple of days and I'm packing my running gear, hoping that the weather cooperates. 

When did you feel like you grew as a runner/athlete?

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