Monday, September 8, 2014

Homemade Almond Milk

OI'm going to file this under "Things That Are Absolutely Amazing." I made homemade almond milk and it's the most fantastic thing I have tasted.

I hated dairy milk growing up. Despite being a meat eating family, my father always maintained that drinking dairy milk is unnatural for humans so we only really used it for cereal (which I usually ate dry as a child) and in recipes. Unlike most of my friends, I was never forced to finish a glass of milk before I could leave the dinner table. I'm thankful for this because a glass of milk just makes me feel queasy.

When I discovered almond milk I fell in love. It became a base for my smoothies, replaced regular milk in my cereals, and I've even come to crave a glass of almond milk once in a while. Weird, huh?

I decided to make almond milk on a whim. Most recipes on Pinterest were the same so although I cannot take credit for this, I don't really think I have anyone else to credit either. Let's chock this one up to the universe.

1. Soak one cup of raw almonds overnight (6-8) hours

2. Drain and rinse almonds.
3. Place in a blender with 3-4 cups of water depending on how thick you want the milk. Blend on high for a few minutes until creamy.

4. Place a nut bag or cheese cloth over a large bowl, close at the top, and pour the mixture through the bag.
5. Squeeze! Squeeze all of the liquid out and pour into a resealable container.

Bonus: I added in a dash of vanilla but I think next time I might blend a date or two into the mixture instead.

To be honest, I personally did not find that making my own almond milk was any cheaper than buying it from the store... nor was it much pricier. However, homemade almond milk is definitely tastier! I might try experimenting with other nuts to see what delicious milks I can make.

Have you ever made your own nut milk? What flavours do you like to add? 

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