Sunday, September 14, 2014

Speed Training Optimism

For different reasons I've been skipping some of my training sessions. From heat and humidity to my latest shoulder/neck injury, I just haven't been following my plans. Even my diet has been off. I spent the better half of last week devouring junk food even though it was making me feel awful. Needless to say, tonight's training session was mandatory.

I ran six kilometers and, overall, managed to keep my pace under my minimalist goal. I'm feeling pretty hopeful about my 10K next Saturday because I have an ideal time in mind that I didn't think was achievable despite not being anything extreme. If I can keep that pace for four more kilometers I'll finish a very happy runner.

I also took advantage of this speed training session to break in some new gear I bought for the race. I tried on these capris in the spring but didn't feel like shelling out the money for them. Now that they're bringing in fall collections I bought them for about half the original price!

Recovery included a huge bottle of watered down Gatorade before I even left the track, and then a huge salad while lying in bed.

How do you get yourself back on track?

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