Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hug a Runner Day!

According to the internet, today is "Hug a Runner Day!"

I loved seeing photos of post-race hugs all over Twitter and Instagram, so after work I raced home and gave my favourite runner a big hug -- hi, mom!

I'm seriously so proud of her. She's only been running for about a year, but just last month she ran her first half marathon. I don't know many runners personally so it's so much fun having someone in my life that I can share my love of running with.

Hug a Runner Day makes me want to go out and hug all the badass runners out there, runners of all speeds, sizes, distances. It reminds me in my off season how inspiring other runners make me feel.

So go out, hug a runner, and tell them how amazing they are.

Question: did you hug a runner today? 

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