Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Into the Gym

After living in Ottawa for four years I thought I was so tough. I used to laugh at my friends and family, proclaiming it's cold while I would spout the various temperatures of the harsher Ottawa weather that I endured. Only two years after moving back home, and I hate to admit it, I'm back into Toronto-mode.

The moment I let the dogs out this morning I knew they weren't getting walked by me today. From my sidedoor to my backyard I had been scared into hibernation. What's even worse? My ego was crushed even further when I got into the car to go to the gym, and the temperature only read - 4.

...I'm going to blame my wussiness on the crazy wind.

I've been trying to get over my hatred of the treadmill. So far I've only used it for speed training and easy runs, but I think my long runs are going to move inside if this wind keeps up. Tonight's speed training went really well. I meant to only do about two kilometers (working up slowly; 2015 is all about speed for me), but I ended up completing just under five. I have yet to figure out how to change the treadmills into metric. I feel like I'm getting stronger and faster (if even just slightly) already.

Since I missed my walk with the dogs I jumped on a bike to cool down for about 20 minutes and read The Shining. Even though I commute by train to work I still manage to get most of my reading done at the gym. Whatever, I'm weird.

After my workout I had to head over to the grocery store to pick up a few items, and by the time I got home my sweat had almost dried and I had the worst chill. A hot shower, a hot meal, and an even hotter tea has warmed me up, but now I'm dreading taking the dogs out one last time before bed.

Maybe this is an excuse to go buy more running gear. Hmmm...

Do you hide in the gym or tough out the cold weather in the winter?

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