Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mandatory Fitness Assessment or Selling Personal Training?

This has been a surprisingly productive week for me. It's sad, but I think I owe it all to finally having my own car. With an extra 40 minutes before work and an extra 30 minutes after working, adding over an hour of my day has been amazing.

On Sunday I went grocery shopping and prepped most of my meals for the week. They were delicious and I ate so well!

Love me some chopped chickpea salads!

And broccoli, too!

On Monday I was able to eat around 6 and digest my food in time to get to my first hot yoga session in over two years.

On Tuesday I fit in some speed training and cycling on my way home from work. 

On Wednesday I had a long yoga session in my living room.

Unfortunately today felt like the longest day in existence. I had originally planned to go to an early spin class this morning, but after not falling asleep until after midnight, getting up at 5am for a sweat session and knowing I had a long day ahead of me did not sit well. Instead I slept in until 7am and fit in some more yoga before I got ready for work. After working my eight-hour day I attended a staff meeting that ran longer than expected. It ended at 6:30, and somehow I made to my "Mandatory Fitness Assessment" for 7. 

Now this makes me really annoyed. I switched gyms recently for 1) a change of pace, 2) the membership is cheaper than my last one, and 3) it's still cheaper even with an unlimited hot yoga upgrade. After I signed up they told me I needed to attend this assessment session. I asked if I really had to and they said yes. I begrudgingly booked my appointment and it was just what I thought it would be -- an attempt to force me into a personal training package. 

I'm not against personal training, but it's not for me, especially with my current budget. I think they were annoyed because I had no fitness goals besides wanting to run faster (I guess I could have given them my yoga goals), when they asked me about my "problem areas" and if I wanted a "flat tummy" I informed them I was happy with my roundness, and when they asked about my diet I happily told them about my three main meals, snacks of fruit and veggies, and my 2-3 liters of water each day. 

I will admit I was almost sucked into it. They make everything sound so great and you can lose X weight in X weeks, and all your dreams will come true. Honestly, I think the money factor is the only thing that stopped me from signing on the spot. When I was driving home I snapped back to reality and realized that this isn't for me. I'm happy with my weight, especially since I lost 15-20 pounds on my own and it's still coming off, and I've reached a point in my life where I know my weight doesn't define me or my abilities. I also knew everything they told me (should add weights to my running, could get some more protein in my vegetarian diet, etc). 

Also, they lost me as soon as they took me for my appointment 15 minutes late, I was stressed arriving on-time because I'm a perpetually early person. I also hated the fact that they tried to hide what the session truly was. I think honesty is important in weight loss and achieving goals, and that includes the people that you are working with/are coaching you along the way. 

Anyways, after having to run a final errand to the bank I came home and angrily ate some dried mango while I stewed about the events of the evening. 

I hope you had a better day than me but an equally productive week.

Question: What helps get your motivated or more productive? What could you be lost without? 

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