Thursday, March 26, 2015

Give Me All of the Breakfast

What is it with me and breakfast lately?

I don’t know if it’s the increased training, or the fact that my workouts mostly occur super early in the morning, but my typical breakfasts aren’t cutting it lately.

Yesterday morning my appetite was crazy. I ate my toast and peanut butter before the gym, drank 16 oz of water, came home and ate my protein waffle and berries, drank another 16oz of water and lemon, and was still hungry! I then started snacking on these Big Foot candies I had saved for my long-runs before I came to my senses and made more food. I love sugar but gummy candy at 8AM might be too much for even me to handle.

This morning was the same and I didn’t even get my run in. I drank my lemon and water, ate my protein waffle and berries, and then was dying for my orange not long after, followed by some nuts and had a couple of chocolate covered almonds.By the time my usual lunchtime came around I was finally satisfied and didn’t eat my lunch until later in the afternoon because my entire morning was a snack-fest.

Next week I need to take this into account with meal planning. I think I need to start eating a bigger breakfast and start tapering my meals out from there. Typically I eat a smaller breakfast and dinner, plus snacks, and lunch is my biggest meal. After eating more on Tuesday (remember my three breakfast morning?) and yesterday I didn’t feel stuffed after all that food, I just felt satisfied.

Are you the type of person that three larger meals per day, or lots of smaller meals? I thought I was a smaller-meal person but it looks like I’ll be starting the day big from now on.

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