Sunday, March 22, 2015

I Fail at Resting

So, remember yesterday when I said I was going to rest? Remember how I was so dedicated and determined I was do this? Well, about five hours in I failed. I took my dogs out for an 80-minute walk. A gray, rainy morning turned into a blue-skied afternoon and I just couldn’t resist. At some point I will learn to rest but it didn't happen this weekend. 

I went for my long run this morning. It was cooler and windier today than it had been lately, and my last 3-4 kilometers was like a wind tunnel. I had on sunscreen but it didn't stop me from getting wind-burn. I'm also trying out alternatives to chews and gels for mid-run fueling so I took a small bag of Big Foot candies with me. I liked them and they agreed with my stomach, but because it was a little cold they got harder than my usual Stinger chews. 

Does anyone else get the chills after they run when the weather is cooler? After a hot shower I was still shivering so I crawled under my heated blanket with a Vega bar. 

After I somewhat warmed up I dragged my boyfriend to Panera Bread and grocery shopping. I devoured a small mac and cheese and half of a turkey BLT, a latte, and then half of a chocolate pastry. I'm becoming addicted to this place. Also, I think mac and cheese (the real stuff, not from a box) is my favourite meal after a long-run. I've eaten it after two-out-of-three half marathons.

My meal prep is done for the week and I'm determined to have a strong week of eating and morning workouts. This is my schedule for the rest of the week: 

Monday: Legs - morning. Hot yoga - evening. 
Tuesday: 45 mins speed training. 
Wednesday: Arms and abs. 
Thursday: Easy 10K - morning. Yoga - evening. 
Friday: Full body. 
Saturday: Rest (yeah, right).
Sunday: 16K. Yoga. 

What do you have planned for this week? Any special plans? Sadly, I'm most looking forward to my massage therapy appointment on Tuesday night. 

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