Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Healing Properties of Tim Hortons & Fro-Yo

Last week was an off week for me. I made the executive decision to nix all my planned workouts and just rest. I'm not sure what I had but I spent the week feeling absolutely exhausted. My boss offered me more hours one night and I asked her to ask someone else, but if no one else could I would do it. She told my other co-worker I must be feeling sick (I always pick up extra hours, no questions asked) and even offered to let me go home early. If I wasn't picking up extra hours I definitely was not fitting in a workout.

What did I do this week?

I watched a LOT of Happy Endings on Netflix with my mom. Seriously. Almost every night I came home from work you could find me curled up on the couch with her.

I drank four large apple cinnamon teas from Tim Hortons. I'm usually not a Tim Hortons fan but whenever I'm feeling sick I crave them. From Monday to Thursday I picked one up before work before subbing it out for a chai latte form Starbucks on Friday.

One night my boyfriend planned to take me out for a nice dinner and I ended up texting him the morning of to see if we could cancel it. Instead we went out for frozen yogurt because he knows that I love junk food when I'm sick. I think it's a comfort thing. I loaded up four different sugary yogurts with lots of sugary toppings.

Friday night I was proclaiming I need to clean up my eating (again) but by Saturday morning I picked up a loaf of sour dough cheesy bread and ate an apple strudel while driving. I tried to rationalize that the strudel was because it was like a pie, and it was in honour of Pi Day.

I also devoured two huge plates of this dish somewhat randomly thrown together meal mid-afternoon and didn't eat another full meal for the rest of the day.

I still don't feel 100% better. I spent three hours just lying in bed this afternoon. No Netflix, no reading, nothing. Just lying under my heated blanket, curled up with my fur-baby. I finally pulled myself out of bed to run a scheduled 12K outside. I'm glad I did. It was a beautiful, cool day, and the first one I had run outside since the first week of January. Whoops.

I'm hoping I can get my act together for the rest of this week because I have some big goals for my spring races.

What's motivating you this week?

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