Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tea, Grilled Cheese & 10K

Did you celebrate St Patricks Day? Are you paying for it today?

Not me. I’m over my binge-drinking stage. Honestly it doesn’t take much to make me sick and hangovers last about two days. Being 24 is hard, guys.

Instead I went to David’s Tea and picked up a free tea for wearing green. Since I wasn’t going out it was really the only reason I wore green yesterday.

Then my boyfriend and I grabbed a late dinner (by late I mean after 7PM -- seriously, I know I’m only 24 but anything past 6:30 on a weekday night feels late to me). I am never a quick eater at restaurants. I’m always talking about something and end up still having half a plate of food while my boyfriend is finished. I chose a lobster grilled cheese and the first bite was so delicious that I stopped talking and devoured my food.

I didn’t sleep well last night and was wide awake at 5AM this morning. Instead of lying there for another two hours I pulled myself out of bed for an easy 10K. I had only planned to go 5, but my legs were feeling great and I had so much energy despite running on an empty stomach.

I have a bad habit of eating in the shower after longer runs. This morning I drank a tetra pack of chocolate almond milk to get something in my system while I showered. I’m also known to eat energy bars which is much weirder.

I think I’m going over to the dark side because I made the decision to go to Tim Hortons instead Starbucks this morning. Anyone that knows me knows I typically loathe TIm Hortons and am a horrible Canadian. I was really craving a bagel with butter even though I had already had a protein waffle with fruit, and I have no regrets. So satisfying. Also, I learned that if I order a large tea I can mix tea bags. I’m sure all other Tim Hortons drinkers know this but I was blown away. They didn’t have peppermint-green tea so they offered to put one bag of each in. Seriously, my mind is blown and it’s embarrassing.

I’m hoping to get another workout in this week but my next couple days are busy with a meeting after work tomorrow and then a surprise birthday party on Friday. We’ll see what happens. I’m really happy with how my longer runs have been going lately so I’m not too worried.

What did you do for St. Patricks Day? Do you have any weird post-run habits?

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