Monday, May 11, 2015

Marathon Training - Week One

Yesterday I went on my first official marathon training run. I’ve decided on a slow build from my half marathon so I had a 22 kilometer morning run.

I woke up and 6AM and felt awful. I had gone to the Food Truck festival on Saturday and all the sodium I consumed, despite all the water that followed, left me feeling hungover from being so dehydrated. I slowly ate my usual pre-run bagel and banana, and sipped some water to get myself motivated. When I left at 7:30 I felt pretty good.

I was surprised how well it went considering I woke up feeling off. The weather was perfect by the waterfront -- it was warm but breezy, and didn’t get too humid until the end of my run.

Unfortunately half of the bug population joined me… again.

Absolutely disgusting side note: I keep swallowing these bugs on my run. Apparently my mouth just hangs wide open. I used to try to cough/spit them out but I kept accidentally making myself gag so I’ve learned to just swallow them. Yes, disgusting.

We had family plans for Mother’s Day so I didn’t get to take a nap in the afternoon. By the time we got back in the evening I was so tired but a nap would have had me wired all night. I went to bed pretty early, around 8:30PM, and slept through until 6AM. Probably a little longer that I usually would be I’m chalking it all up to recovery.

My legs feel great, I feel pretty alert, and, although I won’t, I feel like I could go for another (shorter) run tonight.

Overall, a pretty good start to marathon training! Only 23 more weeks to go!

How was your weekend?

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