Friday, May 15, 2015

Rapid Fire Friday

A quick idea of how my week went:

  • I have practically drank my weight in iced coffee this week and I’m starting to feel perma-wired

  • I went on the windiest run the other day and managed a surprisingly great time compared to my usual 5K pace

  • My mom also had the dogs walked most days by the time I came home so I settled for a walk by myself and it was just what I needed

  • I’m devouring eggs like it’s nobody’s business. Half a cup of egg whites with two whole eggs is my standard. This week ricotta cheese and green onion was also involved.

  • The emo music I listened to in the eighth grade is fueling my workouts and I’m loving it.

  • I had my first night of beach volleyball yesterday and it was great. I’ve played once since high school so it felt so good to play again.

How was your week? I'm definitely looking forward to the holiday long weekend. Do you have any plans?

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