Monday, May 18, 2015

Marathon Training - Week Two

Happy Victoria Day, Canada! I wish I could say I had huge plans for today to take full advantage of this long weekend but I'm quite happy over here, hanging out under my covers.

Side note: instead of "under" I had written "hunger" twice. This is definitely reflective of the second day runger I'm experiencing right now.

Yesterday morning I pushed out 23 kilometers. I'm trying to slowly ease into increasing my distance. Instead of constant running I'm working on a 10-minute run, 1-minute walk cycle until I feel a little stronger. Distance, not time, is my focus.

My body has definitely changed since I ran STWM in October. Although 23 kilometers was not easy for me it's incredible how much stronger I feel while I run. My posture feels better, my body recovers faster, I'm not as tired after I run long distances, and I don't feel as if I need to stuff myself full of chews or gels anymore.

While running and training for 21.1 kilometers I felt like I needed a pack and a half of Honey Stinger chews sometimes. Yesterday I ate about half of a pack and didn't feel the need for more. I know that fueling while running is and will be important in my training, but I think my improved nutrition and hydration habits that happen outside of physically running are really helping me feel sustained during long runs.

The weather was gorgeous yesterday and made for a great run. The sun was shining throughout my run and the temperature was warm but not too hot before 10AM. Getting out earlier in the day rather than later is likely going to be an essential part of my long-runs.

My sister and I had lunch with my dad yesterday afternoon so that cut into my nap time for the second week in a row. Last weekend after missing an afternoon nap I felt like I was really dragging my feet throughout the day but yesterday I felt pretty good. It wasn't until after dinner that I started feeling tired. Although the weather was still beautiful my boyfriend and I curled up with some big bowls of fruit, the new S'mores Oreos, and American Horror Story on DVD. Perfect end to my 23-kilometer day.

Do you fuel while you run? What do you prefer to fuel with?

Have you tried these new Oreos? I'm trying to eat better but these are fantastic!

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