Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August Goals Recap

How is it possible August is almost over? I think because I had so much going on this month it felt like it flew by even faster than usual. Let's look at what I accomplished in August:

1) Half marathon training
Yes - kind of. I gained a lot of mileage this month. I could have went on more runs but I'm happy with where I'm sitting. 

2) More stretching. More foam rolling. More yoga.
I did OK but I halfway through the month I realized I need a new foam roller. The shape isn't bouncing back like it used to so I think I need to invest in a more durable roller. 

3) Throw an amazing party for my mom
Definitely. It went extremely well and my mom was really happy. All the planning, time, and effort was so worth it. 

4) Hydrate
I'm not drinking at much as I used to but I feel like I'm drinking the right amount for me. I never feel thirsty or dehydrated anymore, but I also never feel like I'm bloated with water. 

5) Finish two books
I only managed to finish one but I did start a second!

How did your August goals come along? 

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