Monday, August 8, 2016

Making Training Progress

This weekend I actually made time for a training run. It was extremely hard and I feel so out of shape, but I actually managed to hit my mileage goal. Full disclosure, I did include a significant amount of walking but as a slow runner speed has never been important to me.

I used to be the queen of the ponytail but recently I started wearing braids while running and it's amazing. Less dripping sweat, my hair doesn't fly into my face, and my little wispy hairs also stay down. Basically I just make two French braids but instead of braiding the strands over you braid them under.

Things I missed about running: the views.

My boyfriend is a huge fan of having a beer in the shower. I, however, sat on the floor of the shower post-run and ate an apple. It was glorious.

New things I'm trying out this week: eating a big breakfast. So far it's been great to ward off the second day runger I usually fight with. Also - see that "bacon?" It's actually smoked salmon and it's amazing! It's only 71 calories for two slices (2.6F, 6.4C, and 6P). I love smoked salmon with breakfast so this was so exciting to me.

What's the last product that got you excited in the grocery store?
Are you training for anything? How is it going?

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