Friday, August 12, 2016

Free Ice Cream, Tomato Face + Toronto is Really, Really Dry

I don't typically go crazy for ice cream but it's been such a hot summer that it's all I want. Like on Tuesday when I ate a Dairy Queen Blizzard for dinner instead of going to the gym. I had Cooper with me in the drive-thru and the girls at the window were so excited that they gave us a free vanilla cone for the lucky dog. I think it's the first time he's had ice cream and he went crazy for it.

I'm still getting used to my new hours so I'm a little tired but I love it. I feel like I have all the time in the world to run errands, socialize, be lazy, and run or go to the gym. When I was working afternoons until 10:30PM my gym routine didn't go over 45 minutes. Wednesday night I was able to be there for almost an hour and a half, getting in strength training and speed training, and it felt so good. My gym has finally lowered the temperature in the gym but I still left with my usual tomato face.

Also, please note the temperature and time when I left the gym. The temperature felt like it was closer to 40 degrees and this is when the sun was starting to go down. Apparently Toronto has hit its 100 driest days on record since the 1930s and I'm beginning to pray for the thunderstorms that are might hit this weekend. They'll ruin my weekend plans but we're definitely in need of some rain.

Despite the insane temperatures I thought it was a good idea to get in a workout while outside. I worked on a five-move circuit for six rounds. I was outside for only half an hour and I was absolutely drenched in sweat. I honestly wasn't thinking about the heat, I was just too lazy to drive five minutes to the gym.

How did your workouts go this week? 
How do you survive the heat? 

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