Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Re-evaluating My Workouts

I've made the decision to put down the weights. As much as I like lifting I just find that on my self-designated gym days I'm trying to fit in way too many things and I have to sort my priorities. For example, I've neglected my yoga practice the last three weeks and this actually upsets me. It's good for me physically, but more importantly it's great for me mentally. I need to fit yoga back in to my life.

As I summarize my long-runs every week, we know that my running and the training that goes along with that is also high on my priority list, if not the top priority for me. So my long-run day, my speed training day, and my cross-training also remain. 

Also, in October I'll be participating in the CN Tower Climb for United Way and I'm going to be adding some stair-climbing into my schedule so I can beat my time from last year (23:15). 

Really, lifting is all that's left. The problem I'm finding lately is that I'm not recovering as fast as I should be. I don't know if it's the heat, the running, a deficiency, etc., but it's making it difficult for me to exercise as much as I would like to. 

So, for now, I'm forgoing the lifting. I was drafting a tentative schedule this morning on how my week's could look once I get rid of the weights and I'm already looking forward to the change.

Monday: 20-40 minutes of stairs. Cycling. 
Tuesday: Speed training. 
Wednesday: Cycling. Yoga.
Thursday: Long run. 
Friday: Rest. Walk at least 30 minutes.
Saturday: Easy run/trail run. 
Sunday: Yoga. Walk at least 30 minutes. 

Maybe once the fall comes or I finish my next big race I'll re-introduce the weights. As much as I'm going to miss them, I think I'm going to feel more fulfilled. 

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