Saturday, July 26, 2014

Training Log -- July 25, 2014

Weeks left until Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon: 12
Kilometers scheduled: 23
Kilometers clocked: 22.8

Originally I had meant to run on Thursday, but when I woke up sore the morning after an intense flow class I thought was a great idea to take after four weeks away from yoga, I decided to switch my run to Friday. It didn't help much. 

The first few kilometers I fought through pain in my left IT band and in my right foot (I think the foot is because of all the hop-backs onto my toes in yoga). I ran slow, running about 2.85 kilometers before walking 0.15 kilometers, and repeating the cycle. The pain mostly subsided as I ran. 

As I got to 22 kilometers I came to the awful realization I was still at least two kilometers away from home and I was seriously tired. Running after a full day of work is really draining and I've decided that running on my day off is a blessing. Luckily my boyfriend had been kind enough to surprise me with water (again!) so I hopped in and decided to call it a day, just under my goal of 23K.

After a quick-ish shower I drew a cold bath. After slowing sinking in I couldn't decide if this was the best or worst thing I had ever decided to do. Maybe it's all in my head but I really felt like it helped (coupled with obligatory foam rolling, of course). 

My IT band is still a little sore today and my foot is also tight. I'm going to keep stretching and icing to see if it helps. 

Overall I'm happy with my progress. Each run is a lesson for me and I'm learning, adapting, and growing with every stride I make. 

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