Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Table

I've found my new lunch spot and it might possibly have the most delicious vegetarian/vegan friendly options I have ever tasted.

My mom, sister, and I met for lunch downtown Oshawa at a place called The Table. I've known for a while its been there but between going to school and its hours (closes weekly at 4 pm) I've never had a chance to go. Boy, have I been missing out.

I had checked the menu ahead of time and thought I knew exactly what I wanted. Once I walked in and saw the specials I immediately changed my mind. I chose the lentil loaf and a salad-sampler. Online it said the sampler came with three salads, but they let me choose as many as would fit on my plate. I went with a leafless Greek salad, a kale salad, an arugula salad with macadamia nuts and artichoke, and a chili corn and edamame salad.

Everything was amazing. I devoured it and felt so satisfied after my meal. Sometimes when I'm eating vegetarian options as other places I'm left feeling hungry, but not here. I ordered the vegan chocolate pie for takeout and ate it later that afternoon at my desk. If I didn't know it was vegan I wouldn't have even noticed it was so delicious.

My sister had ordered an ice tea, but as someone who likes it pre-bottled and full of sugar this wasn't her favourite. Instead, I took it from her and drank the entire thing. They make their iced tea as soon as you request it and even ask you what flavour of tea you would like. She had a strawberry, long-island flavour. It was light, refreshing, and had just the right amount of sweetness. My sister just doesn't know what's good for her.

The atomosphere is really cool. It was a sunny day so there were a few tables on the sidewalk, and there were comfortable looking chairs at the front of the store, but I opted to sit at the namesake, The Table, which literally features a large, communal table across the restaurant. I loved the layout and thought it was an awesome match for the restaurant.

Clearly I am in love with this place. I have nothing negative to say and am the happiest vegetarian, even remembering my experience the next morning. I will definitely be going back again and I am determined to try every vegan/vegetarian item they have.

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