Sunday, July 6, 2014

Training Log - July 3, 2014

The goal of this week's long-run was 20 kilometers and I finished it with 20.77 kilometers.

Typically I choose to run on Thursdays because its my full-day off from work, but with the holiday this week I ended up working a half-day.

I woke up that morning, drank a green juice and a tea, and picked up a latte on my way to work. There I ate my usual berries and  yogurt snack, a small, unsweetened apple sauce, and a handful of dried strawberries. At noon I came home and drank a small iced peach green tea, and had some oatmeal that I added chia seeds, hemp hearts, and flax seeds to. About an hour later I ran.

The first half of my run was in light rain but it went awesome. It's been so humid that it was nice to have the water to cool me off. This half went really well and my pace was about :45 to 1:00 faster than usual. I was able to run without needed a walking break until 15 or 16 kilometers in. After that I walked a kilometer to 17, ran two more to 19, and then walked/ran the last bit (0.1 kilometer walk, 0.25 kilometer run, repeat).

Overall, it was a great run. After the rain stopped it got really humid and I just felt drained. However, I'm really excited that my first half saw a huge improvement in time. I don't know if it's all the cross-training and core-work I'm doing when I'm not running, but whatever I'm doing, I'm doing it right.

I'm also lucky that my boyfriend knows me so well. We were supposed to hangout after my run so he checked my location, knew approximately how many kilometers I had left, and came by to refill my Fuel Belt. Forget flowers or chocolate, that is the best surprise I could get.

After my shower I refueled with some fresh watermelon/lime/lemon/mint juice and devoured a huge burrito bowl. The more I train the more I'm learning what my body wants,  needs, and deserves after a run.

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