Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Feeling Like a Grump

Blame it on my hormones or my bad luck (or idiocy), but I'm feeling pretty grumpy. I 100% meant to post about my headstand transformation this evening but venting feels more appropriate.

It started yesterday. After waking up and shoveling the driveway I decided to skip a workout, catch up on some blogs, and hit hot yoga in the evening after I renewed my passport picture. Well, hot yoga never came because I started breaking out into a rash throughout the day and I didn't want to make it worse.

Unfortunately I still had to get my passport photo taken so here's to the next 10 years of an awful photo.

After my photo I went to fill my car with gas and was struggling with the pump. I always go to this gas station so I don't know if the weather was making it act up but I had to use both hands to position the nozzle and hose just so. This means I put down my wallet on my car, filled up, and then drove away. Without my wallet. What's even worse is that I didn't notice until this morning.

I called the gas station and they didn't have it. After a brief freak-out I called to cancel my credit and debit cards while making a list of everything else I had to replace or cancel. Things I am going to do: take my SIN card out of my wallet. Bad move, Courtney, very bad move.

Yes, my Starbucks card is important.

My super wonderful boyfriend had gone to check out the lot of the gas station to see if he could find it at a pump or in the snow with no luck so I was definitely surprised to get a call from the gas station at the end of the day. They found it! They went to so much trouble to try and find my number, including calling a bunch of numbers in their call-log from the morning.

Note to self: put an ID contact card in my wallet.
Double note to self: don't lose your wallet.

Despite the happy resolution I just feel drained. I was so stressed all day that I instead of going to the gym I decided to come home from work and crawl into bed and catch up on my blog reading. Now I'm behind in hot yoga and speed training for the week. Part of me wants to blow off the rest of my week, part of me is eager to try and catch up with it all, and part of me, the more realistic part, is thinking about calling it an early night, hoping tomorrow is a bright, beautiful, new day, and will continue with my plans for the rest of the week. I think this rational part of me is winning out. Is this what it means to mature?

Question: Forget my negativity, what wonderful things have happened to you this week?

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