Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lessons Learned Lately

After a crazy week filled with overeating and work-related stress-dreams I am so happy to be sitting on the couch, binging on Netflix and watermelon. The snow is falling for the dozenth time this month  but I've got my heated blanket on and I finally feel relaxed.  

Despite the craziness of this week I've learned three lessons: 

1) I need more protein earlier in the day. Before I started eating meat again I was eating eggs in the morning and beans, lentils, or nut in my lunch. This week I've had protein-less smoothies and salads, and by 4PM I've been ravenous. I had some chicken in my lunch on Friday and it seemed to make a huge difference in my late afternoon appetite. 

2) Lack of sleep is a no-go for exercise. Anything under six hours and I'm barely functioning (ideally I like to get a full eight hours). I haven't been sleeping well this week and when I do my dreams are really stressful. By the time my alarm goes off in the morning I've been too tired to get to the gym. If I want to get a morning workout in I need to find ways to help me sleep better.

3) I need to drink more water. Between stress and missing the gym I've been seriously neglecting my water intake (if I go to the gym early I usually can drink a litre of water by 7AM). Besides being stressed I've been bloated and cranky, and I think being properly hydrated would help. My goal for the next week is to guzzle water like crazy. 

It's funny how a crazy week can be a great for learning about what you really need. 

Question: In what situations do you learn the most about yourself and your needs? 

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