Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday -- II

Happy Wednesday! Today is an exciting What I Ate Wednesday because I actually planned some different meals this week. No scrambled egg-whites anywhere! But seriously, other than that it’s still pretty boring.  

I drank a green smoothie on the way to work (almond milk, banana, mango, spinach, and hemp hearts).   

The usual grapefruit for my first snack AND a cherry Greek yogurt. I’m back in training and desperately need to up my intake.

For lunch I stuck with a spinach salad with chopped veggies, feta, some dressing, and half of a leftover candy apple I split with my sister.

Snack two: a full apple, without caramel and white sugar. Not pictured.

I’m currently obsessed with snap peas. It’s snap pea season somewhere because they were so crispy and fresh.

Followed up with a handful (or two) of my favourite trail mix.

Dinner was spaghetti squash, roasted veggies, tilapia, and a homemade tomato sauce. I think I ate too much trail mix earlier because I couldn’t finish my dinner. Not pictured.

…but I still hand room for a few Hershey’s Kisses. 

What's your favourite indulgence?

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