Monday, February 23, 2015

Positive Thoughts for a Better Week

Happy Monday Morning!

I’m determined to have a better week than last week in regards to everything: work, getting my protein and workouts in early, and getting enough sleep.

With this in my mind I’m trying to focus on all the wonderful things I love right now.

Such as the two loaves of bread I made yesterday afternoon. I made savoury zucchini and my go-to banana chocolate chip. I swear I don’t mean to neglect my produce past its prime, but making bread is the best way to not waste it.

Somehow I’m only just listening/falling in love with the album High Noon by Arkells. I heard Leather Jacket on the radio for the first time a couple of weeks ago, became immediately obsessed and sang the chorus completely off-key to my boyfriend for an entire weekend, and finally sat down to listen to the entire album. I don’t usually love every song on an album but this is a huge winner. On repeat forever.

Oranges are so in season and this makes me incredibly happy. I think I’m temporarily giving up my daily grapefruit in favour of a daily orange.

Baseball season is right around the corner and I’m getting anxious. I really wanted tickets to the Jay’s Opening Day game but they sold out in an hour while I was busy at work. I’ll just have to see them a dozen other times this summer.  I also am developing this goal to see a baseball game in every single major league stadium in the United States. Is this crazy or brilliant? I’m going with the latter. Also, for two years in a row the players’ shirts I bought for games were traded. I should be sad about them leaving but I’m going to be an optimist and see this as an excuse to buy another shirt.

Question: what’s making you happy lately? 

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