Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Apple Cider Vinegar + Adapting

Apple Cider Vinegar is supposed to be this magical, cure-all liquid but I cannot stand the smell and the taste is also something left to be desired. I’m trying to see if it really works to reduce hunger and cravings, as well as help mellow out my digestive woes. I found I like to drink one teaspoon in chilled green tea, juice from half to one whole lemon, and two tablespoons of tart cherry juice. This is still a new thing in my life so I’ll share my conclusion soon.

I chose the green tea for a caffeine kick, the lemon for its powerful taste and immune boosting properties, and the tart cherry juice to help with muscle recovery. I’m thinking of adding some grated ginger next week.

On Monday I went hard with leg day. I added more weight, and while I felt strong and had a good sweat at the time, I was hurting for the next three days. I’ve been keeping up with foam rolling but on Wednesday I very gingerly did some yoga. I don’t have an injury but I can’t believe how long it took my body to recover. Also, check out the cutest yoga partner.

I’m also super excited because when I got home Tuesday night I had a package waiting for me. I’m a huge fan of MegSquats and because I didn’t purchase her t-shirt the first time around I knew I had to order the cropped tank top and the shaker bottle. Proud to be a Strong, Strong Friend!

I’ve been counting calories lately but I had to take a break this week. My hormones/PMS was out of control and the more I tried to stay within my 1600-1800 allotment the more I wanted to binge because I felt so hungry and restricted. I rather incorporate a couple of extra snacks and go a little over my calories than binge and go WAY over my calories. I’m trying to still make healthier choices and focus on nutrient dense foods.

Also, I’m on a breakfast-salad kick this week. A handful of spinach, half a cup of cherry tomato, chives, quarter of a cubed avocado (I eat another quarter later in the day), smoked salmon, and two eggs. It looks so much prettier before I try to dice it like a mad-woman with a steak knife and a fork in the bowl.

Have you tried ACV? Any tips for making it more bearable?
Who do you watch/follow on social media?

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