Monday, June 6, 2016

Furry Friends 5K

Happy Monday!

Yesterday my dog and I ran the Furry Friends 5K in Whitby. The race benefits our local animal shelter and two other local animal rescues. It was the sixth year it was held but the first that I signed up for it.

Over the last year Cooper has become my favourite running partner. Whether it’s a trail or the roads, Cooper is always ready for an adventure. 

Unfortunately his neck was too big for the bandana he got in his race kit so I put his bow-tie on him instead.

The day was overcast but it was still around 20 degrees and humid. We ran along the Waterfront and the breeze coming off of the lake was necessary. I was sweaty within the first kilometer and we weren’t even running hard.

We kept our pace slow and I stopped at the water stations along the course so Cooper could have a drink. For a “fun run” I was excited to see it was chipped, and Cooper and I ran our 5K in 38:31. Had we not stopped for water breaks I think we would have been on our usual 35-minute 5K time.

I’ve been doing a lot of strength and speed training, and I think it’s really paying off. My body felt strong and I think I could have pushed myself further if I really wanted to, but it just felt good to run among all the other dog lovers/runners in my community.

Cooper and I will definitely be running the Furry Friends 5K again next year.

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