Thursday, June 30, 2016

Happy Canada Day + July Goals

Happy Canada Day! I'm up bright and early to head into Toronto - Michael and I are going to a Jays game for the third year in a row. We're having a barbecue later but I have my heart set on a foot-long at the game. Maybe it's because I played baseball for years, but few things bring me a unique cross of nostalgia and joy like a ballpark sausage.

For the first time I'm setting monthly goals. I like to plan most of my routine week-by-week but I'm looking to aim a little broader.

July Goals:

1) Foam rolling
I've been foam rolling a lot more recently and I really want to continue this habit. Between hiking, increased strength training, and sitting at a desk for 8-10 hours each day my limbs have been thankful.

2) Half marathon training
I'm running the Army Run in Ottawa in September so as of July 3rd my self-made training plan begins. I've mapped out days my long runs, speed training, rest days, free days, and strength training, and I really want to stick with it.

3) Try a new recipe
Lately I've been busy with work, my relationships, and fitness. I haven't had time to experiment in the kitchen but this month I'd really like to try something new. I kind of want to make my first pie crust. Hmmm...

4) Buy some protein powder
I calculated some rough macros and for my goals I need to up my protein intake. I thought I consumed a lot of protein but when I ran the numbers I was behind. I stopped using protein powder a few months ago because my go-to was no longer agreeing with my stomach. I need to find a new protein powder that not only agrees with my stomach but also has a good taste and texture, because those things are important to me.

5) Snack smart
I'm a huge fan of snacking but when I start consuming too much processed sugar it starts to upset my stomach and I also fall into binging. So, I'm looking to avoid sweets and work on getting in my micronutrients.

Is there something that makes you feel nostalgic?
What are your July goals?

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