Saturday, June 18, 2016

From the Stationary Bike

Happy Saturday from my spot on a stationary bike at the gym. Cycling and blogging seems a little a) counterproductive and b) dangerous, but it's only an easy session.

I'm drinking my favourite BCAAs and reflecting on this past week. It was a weird one, requiring a lot of patience an adaptability, but I survived!

Since going camping last weekend I was suffering from tight muscles in my back/ribs and in my glutes and hamstrings. Monday was supposed to be a leg day but I switched to upper body and took it easy.

Then, along with my muscle pain, I had some mental health issues with my depression and anxiety running on high. One of the symptoms I get is really physical and I suffer from extreme nausea. After that I decided to forgo my workout plan and stick to getting my body better with lots of foam rolling and stretching.

I put in some extra hours at work this week and by Friday night I was exhausted. So I decided to celebrate by splitting a large pizza with my best friend. I have zero regrets because I woke up today with my heart feeling full and I'm cycling with a smile on my face.

This week was a week of growth for me by learning to listen to my body and my mind, without completely letting go of my goals. 

I hope you had a good week and an even better weekend is coming your way - Toronto has nothing but sunshine and hot temperatures in the forecast so I'm looking forward to barbequing and trying some craft beer with my boyfriend.

What are your plans this weekend?
What was a point of mental or physical growth for you that stands out in your mind?

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