Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Race Recap: Rattlesnake Point - 5 Peaks Series

Two weeks ago I was dealing with an awful customer at work and he made me cry on the phone. As I was sniffling away I was looking for something to make me feel strong, so I registered for a trail race that was taking place nine days later. I had been eyeing the 5 Peaks series for the longest time but kept talking myself out of trail racing. With a half marathon already booked for September I wasn't sure how training for trail races would fit into my schedule.

I really enjoyed the race. The sun was shining and the humidity had increased the temperature to over 30 degrees but I took my time and I survived. I did take a little tumble less than 1K into the race, while running on even ground, but besides two small bruises and one small scrape that didn't even draw blood, I felt great. I had these grand delusions that I would run the race in about the same time as my road times, but I finished 5.3K in 47:46 (9:01 pace). I came in 211/236 total finishers, was 17/18 in my age/sex category, and was 124/145 female finishers. I know these stats are nothing special, but I'm just so excited I found the courage to run and finish.

The course itself was more difficult than I thought it would be. The organizers kept referring to a "rock wall" and I kept imagining a rocky path. No, it was a legitimate rock wall that, while I didn't have to scale, I did have to be careful and walk it as it was a complete rock incline. After my fall at the start of the race I did do some walking over the more rough terrain but I was still sweaty, had laboured breathing, and my legs felt heavy. Although I primarily run on paved surfaces it definitely helped that I've done a few trail runs and I love to hike.

I used a discount code for $5 off and I believe I paid under $60 with tax for the race. It was a chip timed race, there were free photos on Facebook (you can pay the photographer more for high resolution copies), and with the bib was a sample of Nuun and a hat. I don't mind having a smaller "swag bag" when the fees are low.

They also provided great post-race snacks! I munch on some orange slices, watermelon, cookies, and pretzels. Apparently there had been candy but I think the kiddos had gotten to it, first.

I went by myself but 5 Peaks is really family-friendly. Besides having the sport (5.3K) and enduro (12.7K) distances, they also have a 3K for kids, and then a free 1K for kids. It was awesome to see entire families getting to race and share their love of running with each other.

I would 100% run a 5 Peaks race again. There is another in July that I think I'm going to register for (I'm just confirming my schedule and half marathon training plan, first), and next year I think I want to get their season pass (for five races).

Have you run any of the 5 Peak's races? They're also in Alberta and British Columbia!
What draws you into registering for a race? 

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