Monday, June 13, 2016

Thoughts on Friday Night

Edit: while writing a new post on Monday I realized this never fully published properly. Annoying.

Currently: lying in bed, watching Chelsea Handler's Netflix show, and realizing I have a blog post on my computer that I meant to post but I am too lazy to open it so I'm typing through my mobile app.

Thoughts and moments from the week:

I wish I had waited just one more day to write my recap because I missed getting to post this gem. He is my favourite.

My heart, mind, and under-eye bags made is clear that iced coffee was super necessary on Wednesday. Midweek slump > midweek 

I have Fridays off so Cooper and I went for a walk before I hit the gym for an upper body workout.

That workout was immediately followed by the best protein cookie in existence. Buff Bake has the most amazing products.

We're leaving tomorrow to go camping for a night but they've been calling for rain. The amount of rain keeps changing but hopefully the latest forecast is correct and it stops in the afternoon.

What are you up to this weekend? 
Would you rather eat one big protein cookie or seven Oreos? I get the argument but these cookies are so soft, chewy, and I like the macros 

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