Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Blogger Book Club - March!

The theme for March in the Blogger Book Club was “a biography of someone you’ve been meaning to learn more about.” I chose a book that I’ve had in my Amazon cart for the longest time: R.A. Dickey’s autobiography “Wherever I Wind Up.”

I love baseball, I love the Toronto Blue Jays, and I love their knuckleball pitcher #43, Dickey.

I don’t know what I expected from his autobiography but I never realized how dark his early years were in life and in baseball. He tells his story of poverty, of a child of divorce, of facing brutal sexual abuse, a heartbreaking start to his baseball career, the moments in life he debated suicide, having to change his pitching style to master the knuckleball, and his eventual success as a professional major league pitcher.

To my dismay the book doesn’t take him into his career as a Jays player but that was my single disappointment in this book. I would definitely recommend this book for all fans of baseball and anyone that loves the story of an underdog.

Now that I’m retiring my Rasmus t-shirt, I’ll definitely be rocking #43 in the stadium this summer.

Are you a baseball fan? Who have you learned more about lately?

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