Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sunday Run-day

Happy Easter! I am so full of chocolate someone will have to roll me into work tomorrow. It's wonderful. 

Life was hectic last week. Between working, running and going to the gym, and a lot of family commitments I felt like I had no time to read or write a blog post.

I want to be optimistic about the upcoming week but I'm about to start some a 14-week course my company is paying for so my free time is going to continue to be limited.

However, there are two positive things to report:

1.) I finally got the carrot cake I was craving. I made it to take to a family dinner and I've had more than one piece each day this holiday weekend.

2.) I actually went for my long run today, finishing off my mileage building for this round of training. I fit in 18K and now have three weeks to taper before my next half-marathon. 

Except I found a new place to chafe... My neck.

I know it's small but I swear it hurts!

I also iced my IT band with frozen corn while watching Wild. 

My meals are prepped for the week and after the amount of dessert I consumed this weekend I'm going to try very hard to stick with it. Here's a look at my workout schedule for the week:

Monday: Legs - morning. Hot yoga - evening.
Tuesday: Speed training.
Wednesday: Arms and abs.
Thursday: Easy run, self-led yoga.
Friday: Full body.
Saturday: REST!
Sunday: Taper begins! Long-run down to 13-14K.

How was your long weekend? What's motivating you to get moving this week?

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