Monday, April 20, 2015

Toronto Yonge Street 10K Recap

Yesterday I ran the Toronto Yonge Street 10K and I absolutely loved it.

First, I love 10Ks. They require slightly more endurance than a 5K but they’re much faster than the half-marathon. I don’t just mean this in time, I mean this in pace. I love that during a 10K I can comfortably keep a quicker pace than I’m used to. I went into the race with an ultimate goal of hitting a 1:05:00 finishing time and a secondary goal to PR. I missed my goal by 46 seconds but I still PR’d by two minutes so I’m over the moon right now.

The TYS10K was my fourth Canada Running Series race that I’ve run, including running the STWM half-marathon distance twice, and it definitely did not disappoint.

I loved TYS10K in particular because it’s a fast course. The majority of it is down-hill and the very few hills it had were minor. Down-hill can be challenging for me because I’m used to going up a hill for every hill I go down and it makes me alter my stance/posture slightly, but I think most people enjoy down-hill courses and they make for great PR courses.

Here are the things I love about CRS races, including TYS10K:

  1. Organized. Every single aspect of this race is so well organzied. Race kit pick up, baggage drop and pick-up, transportation, starting corrals, medal delivery, and walking through the food tents at the end were all flawless at TYS10K and I’ve never had an issue with these things at their other races.
  2. Race kits/”swag bags.” When I ran my first half-marathon with CRS I love all the great things I got in my bag. At my next half-marathon, also sponsored by a big name, was pitiful. I know races shouldn’t be about the kits but when you run a 10K and get samples of juices, Powerbar treats, really well-made shirts, magazines, sunscreen, and more, it’s hard to not look forward to receiving  your next CRS kit.
  3. Atmosphere. The volunteers and runners are incredible at these races. Everyone is so excited to be there and the elite athletes they get out are amazing to catch a glimpse of. Oh, and the crowds? The running groups that are dedicated to CRS events are amazing. I ran part of my last kilometer through sparkly confetti dropped by one of these groups and I literally got chills running through it because it felt so magical.
  4. Build up. I’ve followed CRS on social media for two years now and I love seeing the organizers, the runners, and other supporters constantly talk about the race for weeks leading up to the event. For TYS10K they had a group of “Digital Champions” that helped to shape social media presence and they really inspire and excite you to have such a great race.

Overall, I will definitely be running the Toronto Yonge Street 10K again. This race was my first of three Canada Running Series events that I’ve registered for this year. It was a great kick-off to race season and I’m still riding the high from yesterday.

If you have the opportunity I 100% suggest running any of the Canada Running Series events.

Do you have any races or series that are essential events in your race schedule?

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